Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted fatty tissue improving and contours the facial shape.

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3 Days - 1 Week

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What is Facial Liposuction?

Facial liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that Dr. Bray performs alone or in conjunction with a face lift. It is performed under general anaesthesia, with small, strategically placed incisions. He removes unwanted fatty tissue to sculpt the face shape, aiming to create a more chiseled, youthful appearance. 

It is common for excess fat deposits to accumulate around the chin and neck. When this is due to considerable weight loss, the fat can be difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone.

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What You Should Know About Facial Liposuction

Dr. Bray performs various forms of facial liposuction, most often in the areas below the  chin and neck. 


Chin liposuction aims to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Dr. Bray may address the undersides of the lower jaw. Removing fat in this area embellishes the transition from the neck to the jawline. 


Neck liposuction is performed to correct the droopy appearance caused by excess fat around the neck. By liposuctioning this area, Dr. Bray creates a slimmer, shapelier neck.

Candidates should be in good overall health, and have achieved their goal weight before considering facial liposuction. If stubborn fat deposits are the primary concern, facial liposuction may be the most practical approach. As we age, our bodies naturally store excess fat in areas of the face. If facial fat deposits are of concern, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Bray.

A facial liposuction consultation is your chance to meet with Dr. Bray  to discuss your procedure’s goals. In your initial consultation, Dr. Bray will help assist in what aesthetic goals are most suitable for you. He will explain what can realistically be accomplished, after examining your face and underlying bone structures. This will allow him to determine how much fat should be removed, and which areas should be targeted. It is important to have questions prepared for Dr. Bray, so that he can answer any before moving forward.

Dr. Bray typically performs facial liposuction under light sedation, with local anesthesia. General anaesthesia may be used if other facial procedures, such as a face lift, are performed in conjunction. He makes small incisions under the natural folds in the jawline or chin. Using a cannula (thin tube for extracting fat cells), he suctions it through the incisions. Finally, stitches are  used to close the incisions, and a compression dressing will be applied.

Preparing for Facial Liposuction

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Medical conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, thyroid problems, diabetes or the regular use of certain medications might affect your surgery. If any of this applies to you, you should consult with your family physician and ensure these other medical conditions are optimized. Dr. Bray will further advise if your health conditions might have an impact on your anticipated surgery.

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No smoking of any sort of nicotine, vape or marijuana products for approximately two to four weeks before your procedure. Continuing to do so might adversely affect your surgical outcome. We also advise not consuming alcohol at least a week prior to surgery.

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Follow Dr. Bray’s instructions concerning diet, hygiene and medications. Before any kind of surgery, your stomach should be empty, which is why you should not eat or drink after midnight the day before the procedure.

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Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to allow easier change of clothes before and after surgery. Please arrive without any jewelry, makeup and nail polish on the day of the procedure. If you wear contact lenses, please switch them out for glasses.

Ask someone to drive you to your appointment and pick you up after surgery.

In line with COVID-19 regulations, we have reassessed our cleaning and sterilization protocols. Upon arrival in our office we conduct symptom screenings with a questionnaire and check our patients’ temperature. We also require mask wearing for our staff and patients. COVID-19 testing before surgical procedures is mandatory in order to protect our staff. Please inform yourself regarding testing centers in your area and arrange for testing prior to your surgery.

We require a number of lab tests, diagnostic tests and medical evaluations leading up to your surgery. The nature of these tests will vary according to the procedure, your age, health, history, and other key health factors. Make sure to run all the necessary blood work and receive clearance before any surgical procedure. Necessary testing may change based on procedure, age, health, history and other factors.

It’s of utmost importance to follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding diet, supplements and medications. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking of any kind. Avoid exposure to sick people and quit taking blood thinning medications, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and a number of supplements. Post-surgery preparations should be made, such as arranging transportation, getting time off from work, stocking up on food and anything else you will need post-surgery and making sure someone will stay with you during the first two days after the procedure.

Figure out what you are going to wear, follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding pre-surgery fasting and any other preparation measures. Go to bed early and get well rested before your big day. We also recommend getting your house in order and buying ice packs to help with swelling after the surgery.

What are the Risks Facial Liposuction?

Dr. Bray’s chief concern is his patient’s safety. However, in rare cases, complications can occur. During your consultation, Dr. Bray will again go over all of the potential issues. These include: 

  • Hematomas (excessive bruising)
  • Tissue necrosis (tissue death)
  • Infection

What to Expect After Facial Liposuction

Dr. Bray is very involved in the post-operative care process. As such, meetings to assess the healing process and address concerns will be scheduled. He will also provide you with clear and detailed instructions for how to promote recovery and reduce the likelihood of complications. 

It is expected that patients have discomfort and bruising for the first 3-4 weeks. However, Dr. Bray will provide pain medication for the first few days. To lessen its impact, avoid strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks, and ensure the head is elevated while sleeping and resting. Patients should also avoid returning to work for 3-5 days, depending on the strenuousness of their work.



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Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Bray by submitting the form below or calling his offices directly at 416-323-1330.

Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Bray by submitting the form below or calling his offices directly at 416-323-1330.

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