Brazilian Butt Lift for Men

A male Brazilian butt lift is different from a female Brazilian butt lift. The inherent aesthetic and anatomical differences between the female and male buttocks mandate a change in the cosmetic strategy. During a male Brazilian butt lift, the goal is to make a more angular butt, rather than a round or heart-shape.

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2 - 3 Weeks

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6 - 8 Weeks

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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift for Men?

During a female Brazilian butt lift, the goal is to create a round or heart-shape buttock contour. However, a male Brazilian butt lift involves filling the upper lateral gluteus medius muscle and, in some cases, the lower lateral subcutaneous region to square off that area of the buttocks. Although the process of female and male BBLs are very similar, the outcome is largely different due to anatomical differences and goals. Men are typically looking for a v-shaped torso, and thus their goal is a squared buttock. And since there is generally less fat on men’s bodies, the extraction of fat may come from a different combination of areas. 

Dr. Bray avoids injections into the lateral dimple (hip-dip) to maintain a more masculine shape. Since projection is not as aesthetically pleasing in a male BBL, Dr. Bray instead enhances the natural muscle contours. By also slimming the waist, he works to create a masculine, athletic form.

During the procedure, extra fat is removed through liposuction from the chest, abdomen, or other heavy fat concentrations. Then he inserts a thin tube, referred to as a cannula, connected to a vacuum for the extraction. The fat is purified in a “closed system”, minimizing trauma to the fat cells and the potential for contamination. Dr. Bray only re-inserts this high quality fat into the buttocks The best tissues are injected to accentuate the natural muscle contours.. Dr. Bray’s goal is to create a firm, butterfly shaped butt, with wings in prominent upper lateral and lower regions.

A Brazilian butt lift can be completed under general anesthesia, IV sedation, or a combination of local and light sedation. However, Dr. Bray almost exclusively performs BBLs under general anaesthesia because it allows him to remove fat from many parts of the body. This allows him to form a patient’s body more proportionally.

The Dr. Bray Difference

Brazilian Butt Lift is one of Dr. Bray’s most popular procedures, he has consistently been performing it for over 10 years. As such, he was one of the first in Canada to perform the procedure, and works diligently with his patients, and in his clinic, to perfect it. 

Consistent with all of Dr. Bray’s procedures, he looks at the body holistically. When he operates on one part of the body, he takes into account the others. This is what gives his patients a proportionate, healthy appearance. He understands the differences in expectations between a male and female BBL. Thus, he always works to create an athletic, masculine buttock, creating a v-shaped physique. 

While a typical fat extraction is a slash-and-burn process of removing and injecting fat, Dr. Bray insists that where and what is taken out is just as important. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Bray holistically examines the body for strategic liposuction. Using multi-zone liposuction, he removes fat in a balanced proportion. If fat is removed in only one section, the body will look disproportionate. By removing fat from multiple, select areas, he works to create a v-shape figure along with a firmer, squarer butt. As a result, Dr. Bray spends as much, or more, time removing fat as he does injecting it.

Although the where of the liposuction is critical, so is the what. After liposuctioning, Dr. Bray uses a closed-system reservoir to purify it, minimize trauma to the delicate fat cells, and reduce potential for contamination. Many people falsely assume that BBLs are temporary. However, Dr. Bray’s  patients can expect to keep 50-60% or more of the fat transferred.  Surgically, Dr. Bray does everything in his power to ensure the longevity of the fat. 

Once Dr. Bray has chosen the best of the fat to inject into the butt, he distributes it to create a long-lasting, full, and symmetrical shape. Since everyone is somewhat asymmetrical, he works to improve symmetry as possible when performing the injections. By strategically injecting the fat between the existing layers of fat, he is able to optimize blood flow to the new fat cells. This enhanced blood flow allows for healthier, longer-lasting fat cells. Moreover, by injecting it in such a manner, he avoids the dangers of inserting the fat below the muscle.

What Should I Know About a Brazilian Butt Lift for Men?

Many men seek a Brazilian butt lift to achieve a more attractive, masculine buttock, while creating an athletic v-shape. Goals include a more youthful, fit shape that enhances volume and improves proportions. This also creates a butt that appears stronger and fitter.

Those who are bothered by the feeling that their buttocks are too small or misshapen can benefit from a BBL. However, it is essential that enough fat on the body is available to inject into the buttocks. That being said, candidates who have suffered massive weight loss can benefit from a BBL, but might require a formal, excisional buttock lift if they have significant skin laxity or drooping. Dr. Bray will help determine if a BBL is sufficient in this situation, or if a more invasive excisional lift is required.

Dr. Bray removes fat through a thin tube, a cannula, from selected areas of the body, then purifies it in a centrifuge or a closed-system reservoir.. After the fat is carefully processed and purified, he strategically injects it into the desired areas requiring enhancement .  Since a large volume of fat is needed to obtain the best outcome for a butt lift, Dr. Bray must ensure there is enough fat on your body to do so. Typically, he extracts from the abdomen, love handles/flanks and chest, which also results in a v-shaped physique.

A Brazilian butt lift is permanent; however, patients can expect to lose up to 40% of the fat injected from the procedure. This is why Dr. Bray purifies the fat, selecting only the best fat cells, while also strategically injecting it to promote blood flow. Thus, his patients retain as much of the fat as possible. Additionally, patients should work to maintain a stable body weight, as substantial weight gain or loss can affect the shape of their butt. By avoiding rigorous physical activity or having substantial fat loss shortly after surgery, avoiding nicotine and sitting for long periods of time, patients will retain as much fat as possible. Dr. Bray provides exceptional post-operative care to maintain results and ensure the safety of his patients.

Preparing for a Male Brazilian Butt Lift

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Medical conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, thyroid problems, diabetes or the regular use of certain medications might affect your surgery. If any of this applies to you, you should consult with your family physician and ensure these other medical conditions are optimized. Dr. Bray will further advise if your health conditions might have an impact on your anticipated surgery

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No smoking of any sort of nicotine, vape or marijuana products for approximately two to four weeks before your procedure. Continuing to do so might adversely affect your surgical outcome. We also advise not consuming alcohol at least a week prior to surgery.

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Follow Dr. Bray’s instructions concerning diet, hygiene and medications. Before any kind of surgery, your stomach should be empty, which is why you should not eat or drink after midnight the day before the procedure.

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Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to allow easier change of clothes before and after surgery. Please arrive without any jewelry, makeup and nail polish on the day of the procedure. If you wear contact lenses, please switch them out for glasses.

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Plan enough time for your recovery. Taking a few days off from work will be essential. Patients usually require between 3 and 7 recovery days.

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Ask someone to drive you to your appointment and pick you up after surgery. By law, you cannot drive after your surgical operations, and you will need a ride, an Uber, or a taxi to get home.

In line with COVID-19 regulations, we have reassessed our cleaning and sterilization protocols. Upon arrival in our office we conduct symptom screenings with a questionnaire and check our patients’ temperature. We also require mask wearing for our staff and patients. COVID-19 testing before surgical procedures is mandatory in order to protect our staff. Please inform yourself regarding testing centers in your area and arrange for testing prior to your surgery.

We require a number of lab tests, diagnostic tests and medical evaluations leading up to your surgery. The nature of these tests will vary according to the procedure, your age, health, history, and other key health factors. Make sure to run all the necessary blood work and receive clearance before any surgical procedure. Necessary testing may change based on procedure, age, health, history and other factors.

It’s of utmost importance to follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding diet, supplements and medications. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking of any kind. Avoid exposure to sick people and quit taking blood thinning medications, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and a number of supplements. Post-surgery preparations should be made, such as arranging transportation, getting time off from work, stocking up on food and anything else you will need post-surgery and making sure someone will stay with you during the first two days after the procedure.

Figure out what you are going to wear, follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding pre-surgery fasting and any other preparation measures. Go to bed early and get well rested before your big day. We also recommend getting your house in order and buying ice packs to help with swelling after the surgery.

What Expect During Recovery From a Male Brazilian Butt Lift

After surgery, Dr. Bray will give you instructions to follow to avoid infections, complications, and fat loss. It is important to note that any compression to your butt, such as sitting or laying down should be entirely avoided for 3 weeks. During this time, you must sleep on your sides or stomach. After 2 weeks, you may sit on a donut-seat or pillow. After a week, you may resume light daily activities but must avoid heavy lifting or exercise. After 8 weeks, you may resume regular sitting and sleeping on your back. Any pain you experience will likely be minimal to moderate, but Dr. Bray will prescribe you pain medication. It generally takes six months to fully heal and see the final results of a Brazilian butt lift.

Complications from a Male Brazilian Butt Lift

Although a Brazilian butt lift carries fewer risks compared to silicone buttock implants there are still risks associated. Some side effects of BBLs include:

  • Excessive scarring
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Lumps under the skin in the area suctioned or injected
  • Fat embolism in the heart or lungs
  • Loss of skin in the treated parts due to deep infection



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Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Bray by submitting the form below or calling his offices directly at 416-323-1330.

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