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Botox™ is a popular injectable treatment that reduces or entirely eliminates wrinkles. This injection helps the face look more youthful by strategically relaxing the muscles that contribute to signs of aging.
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breastimplantswhatisWhat is Botox™?

Botox™ is a popular injectable treatment that reduces or eliminates wrinkles and fine lines. Dr. Bray performs non-surgical botox by injecting a neuromodulator into targeted areas using an ultra-fine needle. Injections work by blocking the nerve signals needed for facial muscles to contract. Over time, repetitive contraction of facial muscles can cause wrinkles and expression lines. Once Botox™ is injected, the muscles relax,  reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. 

Botox™ is often used to address wrinkles and lines on facial areas, such as the eye area, forehead, and lip lines. Dr. Bray also performs Botox™ to soften the chin’s dimpling or slim the jaw. Through the procedure, he can also alleviate jaw pain caused by teeth grinding. Each treatment lasts around three to four months. Because it rarely causes side effects, is effective, and has virtually no recovery, Botox™ has become the most popular cosmetic treatment on earth. It is also quick, and virtually painless. Dr. Bray’s Botox™ injections are typically delivered in 10 – 15 minutes.

What You Need to Know About Botox™

Typically, people seek Botox™ anywhere from age 20 and onwards when they may notice wrinkles forming. Since Botox™ is a quick, virtually painless procedure with little to no healing time, patients seek it earlier than they would with invasive surgeries. Because Botox™ can help eliminate the need for plastic surgery later in aging, it is common for people to undergo the procedure earlier rather than later. Despite Botox™ being a common and safe procedure, Dr. Bray advises those who are pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid Botox™.

Botox™ can provide dramatic results. However, it is essential to know what to expect from Botox™ treatments and what factors can impact outcome.


The type of wrinkles a patient is looking to address is important. Dr. Bray recommends Botox™ for upper face wrinkles, such as those in the eye region, between eyebrows, and on the forehead. For lines that are visible when your face is resting, Dr. Bray may suggest facial fillers instead.


Dr. Bray ensures that the right amount of Botox™ treatment is administered. As such, he never over or under dilutes. Depending on which area of the face he is treating, he will deliver a proportional amount to minimize, or eliminate, lines and wrinkles.


Although Botox™ is not an overly complicated procedure, it should not be administered by unlicensed or inexperienced providers. Dr. Bray has provided licensed, experienced Botox™ for over 10 years, and is exceptionally detail-oriented when creating an appealing and youthful look.

Possible complications and risks include:

  • Headache or flu-like symptoms
  • Bruising, pain, or swelling at the injection site
  • Cockeyed eyebrows or droopy eyelids
  • Crooked smile
  • Excessive tearing or dry eyes

Dr. Bray provides the utmost care in all his procedures. However, despite all safety precautions, there is always a possibility for toxins to spread into other areas of your body. If you notice these symptoms, please call Dr. Bray immediately. 

  • Vision problems
  • Muscle weakness
  • Breathing problems
  • Trouble swallowing or speaking
  • Loss of bladder control

Preparing for Botox™

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Medical conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, thyroid problems, diabetes or the regular use of certain medications might affect your procedure. If any of this applies to you, please disclose all of these items in your medical questionnaire prior to your consultation with Dr. Bray.

In line with COVID-19 regulations, we have reassessed our cleaning and sterilization protocols. Upon arrival in our office we conduct symptom screenings with a questionnaire and check our patients’ temperature. We also require mask wearing for our staff and patients. COVID-19 testing before surgical procedures is mandatory in order to protect our staff. Please inform yourself regarding testing centers in your area and arrange for testing prior to your surgery.

We require a number of lab tests, diagnostic tests and medical evaluations leading up to your surgery. The nature of these tests will vary according to the procedure, your age, health, history, and other key health factors. Make sure to run all the necessary blood work and receive clearance before any surgical procedure. Necessary testing may change based on procedure, age, health, history and other factors.

It’s of utmost importance to follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding diet, supplements and medications. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking of any kind. Avoid exposure to sick people and quit taking blood thinning medications, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and a number of supplements. Post-surgery preparations should be made, such as arranging transportation, getting time off from work, stocking up on food and anything else you will need post-surgery and making sure someone will stay with you during the first two days after the procedure.

Figure out what you are going to wear, follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding pre-surgery fasting and any other preparation measures. Go to bed early and get well rested before your big day. We also recommend getting your house in order and buying ice packs to help with swelling after the surgery.

How Much Does Botox™ Cost?

The price of Botox™ will vary depending on where you are treated, and how much treatment is required. To arrange a proper consultation to learn more about price, please contact Dr. Bray’s office.

What to Expect After Your Botox™ Treatment

Botox™ is a quick procedure, and you can resume your daily activities afterward with some exceptions. Be sure not to rub the treated areas, so that the Botox™ does not migrate to other regions. For the first four hours after the procedure, do not touch the injected area nor lay flat. Although the procedure has a speedier recovery time, strenuous activity should be avoided for 12 hours afterwards.

Complications from Botox™

Potential risks and complications with Botox™ include:

  • Pain at the injection site
  • Swelling at the injection site
  • Bruising at the injection site
  • Headache or flu-like symptoms
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Cockeyed eyebrows
  • Crooked smile or drooling
  • Dry eyes
  • Excessive tearing



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Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Bray by submitting the form below or calling his offices directly at 416-323-1330.

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